Bruised Reed Foundation (BRF) has found that one of the biggest challenges that BRF and our clients face is in the area of finance. There never seems to be enough to cover all expenses, which is why we engage in direct fund-raising efforts along with accepting gifts from generous people like yourself so that we can assist our clients in the areas of their biggest needs. Our policy is to give for greater impact on lives, but also to teach and empower individuals we serve so that they can help themselves as well as others they touch. We realize there is also a need to provide good quality information with an emphasis on wholistic principles followed by sensible actions and behind it all, a reliance on a higher power to provide for them what we can't. We are that beacon of light that represent the material nature of spiritual help. Our goal is to esteem clients in our different approaches to help them regain the emotional and financial well-being needed to improve the quality of their lives.  We require from the clients we serve a willingness to work on their financial fitness in order to receive funding. This may include training that they can use to enhance the value of any money received from BRF or enrollment in an education program to improve the economic quality of their lives, etc.  Although many of them have great challenges to overcome, we have seen so many lives renewed partly from the generosity of others like yourselvs.

We accept donations of any amount.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated!

We Thank You for supporting our humanitarian effort and missions work!

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