Bruised Reed Foundation (BRF) promotes family values, faith, love, hope, self-respect and respect for others. BRF represents Christ's heart for the broken, battered and weak.  Founded in 2006, we are a not-for-profit organization.   We promote a simplified approach to living a wholistic life catering to the whole person.

It is our hope that BRF will become a beacon light for the many lives that we touch and impact in the city of San Diego, the state of California and around the world.  We give everyone access to information they need for any aspect of their lives through our on-line resources.

God must first enlighten us to the need for salvation.  When we are bruised, it is then that we begin to look at our lives differently.  No one can come to Christ who has not first experienced this bruising.  This bruising is required to convert not only our Spirit, but also so that the Spirit can enable your heart, mind, thoughts and strength to commune with our natural selves, then with Him. 

True bruising results from understanding one's own heart, for by such an understanding we can see ourselves, reflect on what we've done right in our lives and the wrong we've done to ourselves or to others.

The bruising is for a purpose - God's purpose - and but for the bruising you wouldn't have been driven to a more Christ-centered way of life so that He can work within you the change that is needed for wholeness so that you can fulfil His bigger Plan for your life.  After the bruising, it is critical for you to focus on what should be done to heal yourself and all paths will not lead to wholeness.  We must be careful to choose the right one. 

We must never forget that all the while one is bruised, God's garce, mercy and justice will prevail.  You will heal and be made whole again.  We should desire what God wants for our life, which is to bring a clear and a strong light into all the corners of our souls, and accompany it with a spirit of power to keep our hearts and minds clear of any negative thoughts.  By the same spirit he leadeth us, he teaches us to lead others. 

If you are in a place right now that you know you could be doing better, but don't know how to go about it, what you should do or the first steps to take, BRF can help.  We can help you to love yourself and others more without fear of retribution.  You must be obedient to the voice that is compelling you to make a change.  His love will comfort you as you go through the challenges and growing pains as you blossom into the position God has prepared for you.  His love will allow you to conquer all your fears.  All you have to do is trust Him by faith.

It doesn't matter what your life is now, only what you make of it going forward.  You have the ability to change your life in any way you choose and if you can't do it alone, we're here to help you do that.  

It was Jesus who collected bruised reeds, and restored them. It was Jesus who would collect burnt wicks, and set them aglow once again.  He wants to do the same for you.  He can heal you right where you hurt.

The victory lieth not upon us, but upon Christ, to conquer for us, so to conquer in us. The victory lieth neither in our own strength only to Him.