Need accessible, affordable housing options in the city or town where you live? Find out about the programs and tools available in your area to help you find your own place.  If you want to become a homeowner, we can help get you qualified to purchase a condo, townhouse or house, whichever you prefer.  Contact Us.

Bruised Reed Housing (BRH) also offers affordable, shared housing for women 50 years or older.  If you would like more information on BRH affordable, shared residential housing, please Contact Us.

This office focuses on assuring we have an adequate number of beds and housing inventory to serve our clients well.  We also obtain distressed properties and put our clients to work helping them to obtain on-the-job skills with the end goal of self-sufficiency, an absolute requirement to regain their independence and a fresh new start.  We provide affordable housing for our clients to own or rent and we follow them temporarily or permanently to assure their success, helping them to maintain pride in their achievement.  This meets our goal of homelessness prevention and affordable housing for everyone.

Are you a single mom or dad in need of housing?  Are you in need of "better" housing?  Do you know that a house can be built for you free of charge?  Many of these houses go unclaimed because people don't know about them.  If you are interested, please contact us to be added to the list for a new home and to obtain more information about requirements, click on CONTACT US link below.

The housing choice voucher fact sheet offers information on free housing, how vouchers work and eligibility. 

Please check back often for updates on free housing resources.

     Domestic Violence Intervention:
          Jenesse Center, Inc.
          BRF Thorn to Rose Counseling Center

One of the objectives of Bruised Reed Foundation (BRF) is to provide help to homeowners who want to stay in their home.  There are many situations that can prevent a homeowner from being able to make mortgage payments on time.  BRF can help with that.  If you feel powerless and are in need of an advocate or representative to discuss workout options with your lender, please Contact Us

Foreclosure Avoidance Options
NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) offers assistance and workshops on-line or in the area where you live.  Sign-up for assistance with a foreclosure, loan modification or refinance of your home.  NACA is a non-profit advocacy and HUD certified counseling agency.

Obama Making Home Affordable Program
If you are in need of help with your mortgage modification or the refinancing of your home, we can help.  Obama's Making Home Affordable Program is designed to assist all homeowners who want to stay in their home.  There is help for anyone who wants it, but tenacity may be required.  Don't get discouraged.  There is a way out through the Way Forward Program.  BRH can help you obtain a permanent loan modification with your current mortgagee or refinance with a new lender.  If your current mortgage situation is keeping you awake at night or causing you undue stress, contact us so we can help you simplify the process to lower your mortgage payments.

We Connect
We Connect is a national program created by Maria Shriver that connects families to programs and services that can help you get ahead.  It offers real help for real families.  Click here to connect to resources you need to start living your dream again to keep money in your pocket so you can keep your own home! 

Housing Counseling
If you are at risk now or will be in the near future, BRF Thorn to Rose Counseling Center can help.  Contact Thorn to Rose Counseling Center for counseling assistance with transitional or permanent housing.  Our agents are ready to help you.  Referrals welcome.

Please check back often for updates to Bruised Reed Housing Fairs.



Bruised Reed Housing (BRH) is accepting applications of interest for two new residential homes for women that are scheduled to open in Southern California and Central Connecticut in the Fall 2012.  Housing vouchers will be available for anyone who qualify.  Transitional and permenant housing available.  If you or anyone you know are interested in affordable, shared residential living at BRH or need help to find suitable housing, please Contact Us.  Anyone at risk, physically or mentally challenged, physically or mentally handicapped, and medically disabled are all welcome to apply.  Referrals are also welcome.

What is Supportive Housing? 

BRH provides shared housing and advocates supportive housing.  If you need suitable housing or must change your current living situation, supportive housing is an option for you.  Contact us.  Supportive housing is a community-based service model that provides housing and integrates pirmary health care, mental health services, alcohol and drug services, case management and social services to help those at risk (e.g., handicapped, disabled, or homeless people living with mental illness) gain stability, and live more productive lives.

Supportive housing programs are used throughout the United States as a way to solve the dual challenges of the physically/mentally disabled and homelessness.  It addresses the need for permanent housing combined with social services, that include counseling.

In your region or county, the Mental Health Services Administration partners with service providers and housing developers to address the unique needs of those at risk. This partnership recognizes that housing is a key area of responsibility that the handicapped, mentally challenged and homeless have not been able to maintain without the mental health counseling and social services.  Having a place to call home is where self-esteem, health and wellness can be restored.

How Does Supportive Housing Work?

Supportive housing units are generally integrated in new affordable housing developments. Your County Mental Health Services Administration works with developers and community partners to make a small percentage of the units available to qualified participants in the Full Service Partnership (FSP) and to provide them with mental health services, case management, recovery services, educational programs, employment opportunities or training, and social services.

Participants hold their own leases and contribute to their rents, and are subject to the same rules and regulations as all other tenants.

What is mental illness?

A mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern associated with distress or disability that occurs in an individual and is not a part of normal development or culture.

What is recovery?

Recovery services in your state help people discover the pathways to recovery—Hope, Choice, Empowerment, Recovery Environment, and Meaning and Purpose—and how to use them to feel better about themselves and develop their own plan for wellness.



If you aspire to own your home, it is always a good time to buy.  If you need help finding a home or suitable mortgage or lender, we can help you get the best terms.  We can help you get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage all in the same day.  If your FICO score is holding you back or you need help clearing up negatives on your credit report, we can help you clean up your credit so you can improve your FICO score and raise it high enough to get approved for a home loan.

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and rewarding times you will ever experience in your life and we have provided a number of websites here to help you accomplish that.  After you have browsed the sites, we can help match you with the best realtor in your area to work closely with you to find the home you desire.  If you have questions, don't know where to start or or need help while browsing the sites, please contact us.

List of several government agencies with single and multifamily homes for sale:
HUD Homes for Sale: or
Fannie Mae Reo Homes for Sale:
Freddie Mac Homes:
Reo (HUD/FHA, USDA, VA): and also a third-party site
VA (some properties may also be listed on other sites): or
IRS (some properties may also be listed on other sites):
U.S. Marshalls, DOT/IRS, County Government Tax Sales:


BANK REO Properties are not listed at a central location as lender's have several different methods for disposing of their repossessed homes but here are the foreclosed property websites for several of the larger banks:



Bank of America:

Wells Fargo:


U.S. Bank:

Wachovia (now part of Well Fargo):


SEARCH FOR HOMES ON AUCTION: (includes U.S. Marshalls, Department of Treasury/IRS, County Government Tax Sales)



NOTE There are a number of local real estate agencies not listed here that you should also identify and browse in your search for a home.


FHA Home Loan Programs (includes 203K,
REO Properties and FHA Mortgage Insurance):

If you are unable to qualify for a conventional mortgate, a FHA insured home loan may be the answer for you, as it can make it easier to qualify.  A FHA insured mortgage can require a lower down payment and can also provide down payment assistance if you fall short of the minimum amount to close, however, there are certain restrictions and requirements to qualify for this.  Please contact us for more information. 

These definitions are not for Home Owner's Insurance. They refer to the "availability" of a FHA Insured Mortgage.  Source:


The following definitions apply to the FHA mortgage insurability of a property:


Statement of Insurability

Insurable: Properties marketed as "insurable" are those that meet FHA's Minimum Property Requirements (MPR) for existing housing and Minimum Property Standards (MPS) for new construction at the time of the appraisal in their as-is condition without repairs being necessary.

Insurable With Repair Escrow: A property that requires no more than $5,000 for repairs to meet FHA's MPR or MPS as estimated by the PCR and as reviewed and determined to be reasonable by the appraiser, is eligible to be marketed for sale in its as-is condition with FHA mortgage insurance available, provided the purchaser(s) establishes a cash escrow to ensure the completion of the required repairs. Purchaser(s) are permitted to include in the mortgage an amount equal to 110% of the estimated cost of the repairs.

Uninsurable: Properties offered for sale "Uninsured" do not meet, in their as-is condition, FHA's MPR or MPS and the cost of repairs identified by the appraiser, to meet MPR or MPS, are estimated to exceed $5,000. Uninsurable properties may qualify for FHA’s Section 203(k) rehabilitation program and, depending upon the scope and extent of repairs needed, the Streamlined (k) Limited Repair Program.

203k Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance can fill a unique and important need for buyers of "uninsurable" properties. Buyers can borrow the money to make repairs to the property. They repay these funds later, as part of their mortgage. Be aware that 203(K) funds are not available for all houses in all areas.

USDA Home Loan Programs (Section 502 Single Family Housing Loan Programs):

A USDA home loan may be the answer for you if you are not able to obtain a conventional mortgage.  USDA home loans can have lower down payment requirements, however, there are certain restrictions and requirements.  Please contact us for more information.

502 Direct Loans
Rural Housing Direct Loans are loans that are directly funded by the Government. The Section 502 Direct Loan Program provides low and very-low income families the opportunity to acquire, build, rehabilitate, or improve single family dwellings in rural areas.


Under this program, applicants receive a loan directly from USDA Rural Development. The standard term for a Section 502 loan is 33 years. However, loans may be made for a shorter term, and in some cases for 38 years. Each loan is made at a fixed rate established by the Agency and payment subsidies are available to many (income eligible) borrowers to reduce monthly loan payments.

502 Guaranteed Loans
If your income is too high to qualify for a Section 502 Direct Single Family Housing Loan, you may qualify for a Section 502 Guaranteed Housing Loan. These are loans made by participating lenders, such as banks or credit unions. USDA Rural Development issues a loan note guaranteed to the lender, which enables them to make loans to families that they would otherwise be unable to serve.

These loans are made at a fixed rate of interest for 30 years and there is no limit on seller concessions. The lender may loan up to 100% of the appraised value; therefore, closing costs and repairs can often be included in the loan. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is not required, but a small one time guaranteed fee is required at closing.


Please note that applicants may be eligible for adjustments in annual income. Contact your local Rural Development office for more details or one of our Housing Counselors for assistance


For the most current information visit and

Shopping for Your Home Loan by U.S. Department of Urban Development (HUD) 

The Home Buying Process and Settlement Cost Booklet: